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Dead Beat

Title: deadbeat
Director: Luke Ramer
Writer(s): Luke Ramer
Cast: Chris Piatt, Breanna Principato, Wendy Ramer, Angela Mitchell, Reagan Ray Renee, Mason Billman, Arianna Billman
Genre(s): Body Horror
Release Date: 2015


Dead Beat (2015) Luke Ramer Extreme Horror CinemaLuke Ramer and his West 2nd Production  have brought us some interesting and original productions from out of the underground / Indie scene! The White Faced Man and Under The Rainbow being his first two films for us viewers of less mainstream experiences. I reviewed Under The Rainbow for Luke who kindly offered it for my appraisal. I had a great time with it and shared my views here at EHC Reviews & Interviews.


This week Luke went and did something awesome, he has gone and shared his latest film for free on Youtube. A short film on the sub-genre of body horror, Dead Beat was a must see for myself, as I really enjoy what Luke brings as a writer and director. Originality and the ability to bring it to the screen!


Dead Beat (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaA deadbeat Dad is separated from his daughter and her mother. He does not care less what they do as long as he does his own thing. That includes fucking his latest on their first date.


On the morning of the next day he is visited by his ex and the new woman finds out that he is a deadbeat father and leaves. 


She returns though with some news!


She is pregnant. After a discourse on why doesn’t she get an abortion, it is not his problem, and hot she shouldn’t fuck on the first date she touches him on the belly and leaves. 


An innocent move, though strange, leads to dire consequences!


Dug this body horror story and its promise which is more than fulfilled at the end. Of a man, a deadbeat father who just doesn’t give a fuck, getting what could be seen as the ultimate curse for him. You can see him going through this journey then bam that ending!


Dead Beat (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaFor what I am guessing from the name No Budget Productions it is just that, minimal budget. In stating that there is this nice effects shot that sets up the final scene.


Most of this after the initial trigger is left to the viewers imagination. Then the scene after the fact with what can be stated as a rather nasty mess for any guy to shed a tear over. I will leave it at that as you do need to watch Dead Beat and I don’t want to spoil the experience. 


Really enjoyed how Luke Ramer and his Director of Photography, Ed Ballinger, set up the shots. Really well done. Loved the tones used as well. It all fell into this journey of our deadbeat father. 


Dead Beat (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaAt a running time of 00:21:04 minutes Dead Beat doesn’t take a great deal of your time to just go and check out. It is more than worthy; acting, the tale and where it leads, the effects that are shown, are all well put together to create this underground / indie short body horror film experience. 


Luke Ramer has been more than gracious to share it for free on Youtube here Show some support and comment on your experience either there or on the thread he created here at Extreme Horror Cinema Don’t forget to visit the Dead Beat Face Book page and hitting the like


Thanks Luke for another enjoyable experience in UG / Indie horror filmmaking! You can visit Luke’s West 2nd Production here as well as on Face Book here

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