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Collar (2014)

Title: Collar
Director: Ryan Nicholson
Writer(s): Ryan Nicholson
Cast: Nick Principe, Aidan Dee, Ronald Thompson, Mackenzie Murdock and Mihola Terzic
Genre(s): Horror
Release Date: November 18th 2014.

Collr-dvd-cover2-600x851Collar is a film I supported from the get go back in mid 2013 when Ryan Nicholson had his Indiegogo fundraising for it. Reading up on the promise I knew deep in my heart this will be something very special and worth getting behind by contributing both my time and money. With this promise of straight up horror I was hooked! Finally seeing the stills then the teaser etc I knew all of us into underground horror nastiness and gore had something special coming our way. Not so long ago Nick DeCarlo, the owner of Beneath The Underground obtained for me an online screener so I could go experience it and share this here.


Massive in name massive in physical build a homeless man walks the streets with his trolley.


A woman escapes from him after being raped and runs into two Police Officers, a man and woman. Soon they run into our behemoth and find out the hard way he is way more then they can handle. Soon the female police officer is his plaything!


Mean while two men are filming ‘bum fights’, paying the homeless to fight each other and in the latest altercation take it to the next level and have the winner finish the job with a broken glass bottle.


Soon they run into Massive and his ‘toy’ and decide they are on a good thing and filming the next Faces of Death,…but for real!


collarjpg2With Collar the promise from Ryan was a film that was straight up nastiness and horror; no trademark Nicholson humour he is known for in his earlier Plotdigger filmography. With this promise he succeeds in spades; a film that really does have this level of seediness, nastiness and the horrific situation of a madman Satanist walking the streets doing what grabs him. Darkness envelopes the screen as death and destruction embraces those that get too close to the lair of this cannibalistic killer shaped by physical and sexual abuse of a catholic priest.


Collar is another film that has this nice 70s exploitation/horror vibe about it with how the film is shot! Along with that there is the presence of the awesome practical effects that Ryan Nicholson and Plotdigger Films are known for.


When the ending arrives I have to admit I was expecting something a bit different at first; this thing that would have been an awesome what the fuck moment and dare I state so delicious. BUT, in stating that, the ending is awesome anyway.


vlcsnap-2014-11-17-13h02m51s110-650x365Collar is a great piece of Underground horror nastiness with a real 70s exploitation vibe to it that I loved. Great story, characters and obviously the kills with its gore factor! It really lives up to what Ryan promised us in the beginning way back in the middle of 2013 of a film that was pure horror with no comedy factor. Well worth checking out when you get the chance!


Quite possibly my favourite Plotdigger Films film now!

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