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Circus of the Dead (2014)

Title: Circus of the Dead
Director: Billy Pon
Writer(s): Billy Pon & Lee Ankrum
Cast: Bill Oberst Jr, Parrish Randall, Chanel Ryan...
Genre(s): Clown Horror
Release Date: 2014

1460312_566903090049646_1945218857_nCircus of the Dead entered my life back in September of 2013 and I knew I had discovered something very special to say the least. There was a vibe and everything shared from that time forwards fed the fires of anticipation. May arrived as did the world premier at the Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014. Envy filled me as I imagined all the lucky people getting to experience Papa Corn and the gang terrorize their hapless victims with insane glee! August arrived and I went “Splat what the hell are you doing, go ask Mr Pon for a screener!” and alas finally I did. I feel humility held me back, was I worthy of Circus of the Dead? But alas we all know how this little ditty ends. Thank you Mr Billy Pon, writer and director of Circus of the Dead (2014) for this honor!

Circus of the Dead (2014) brings forth a unfortunate situation when family man is caught up in the insanities of a group of murderous clowns led by serial rapist and killer Papa Corn who wields a deck of Mexican Playing cards to decide the fate of their victims!

1236983_538745969532025_1962973807_nWell that is all you are getting story wise from me, Splat! Circus of the Dead is a film you need to go into fairly blind to truly appreciate this so see this as a huge favor from me; thank me afterwards…preferably with movies if you want! My address is…only kidding!

Quite frankly from my experience and that of wooden heart, the founder and owner of this here site, is that Circus of the Dead is flawless and deserves all the accolades it can get from now and up to the eventual DVD release and beyond! A powerhouse in the subgenre of clown horror, any horror really! I seriously cannot fault anything within this experience and I have experienced it three times! A true trifecta of great story, characters and effects!

Billy Pon, and co-writer Lee Ankrum, brought forth this great story of one man’s experience in terror from start to finish, of what he goes through. What is going through his mind in this helpless situation? Is there a light at the end of this pitch-black tunnel…go watch it when you get the chance as you need to experience this for yourself as yes there are twists and turns!

1229820_538301386243150_2041140492_nBill Oberst Jr IS Papa Corn, just thinking about this while typing blows away my mind! Damn it Bill I just think about what you stated about re-viewing this and needing to take a nice walk afterwards to settle YOUR mind! If the actor is a bit disturbed with his own creation, as quite simply though Billy Pon wrote the character Bill Oberst Jr grew him into reality, then he is making a massive statement. BUT, it’s not just Bill who did a great portrayal of clown insanity but everyone. Each character brings forth this piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly. I could go on and on but alas you get the gist of what I am saying here!

1891157_616456631760958_221586061_nEffects effects effects! Very special indeed and some really sick ones to boot! Billy Pon has a great team of effects artist working for him and there is a lot of nice imagination on display.

As you can see I am very excited about Circus of the Dead (2014)! My anticipation was rewarded with a film that holds up to its promise. Teasers; trailers along with stills, pictures and posters all do hold up to a treasure chest of wow at the end of the long wait. Everyone into our beloved horror genre needs to watch Circus of the Dead. Thanks again for this honor Billy Pon!

Splat loves you Papa Corn!

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