In Memory Of

In Memory Of

Celebrating ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ with Stephen Nemeth

Celebrating ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ with Stephen Nemeth



In this new, savage world, survival is the only thing that matters




“…unleashing horrors from an ancient past…”

“…mocking Religion and all that it flimsily holds dear…”

Adam Ahlbrandt who brought us Cross Bearer has directed another religious attack with Cemetery in 2013. This one is still to be unleashed to the public and Adam has told me he hopes to get an initial German release by July of this year. Thank you for the opportunity to review this screener copy Adam.
“Possession is real”…

The film opens with narration and depictions straight out of history – natives killed and tortured unless they converted to Christianity…bloodshed…stabbing…gouging…



The converters become the victims resulting in suicide…


A statue cries blood tears, screams of bloodlust as Death Metal riffs play and the opening credits roll.

“I pray that none awaken the terrible evil contained within that soil”….

A team, complete with camera’s and psychics head to the woods to uncover the truth they have learnt about a church that was once built on an ancient Indian burial site where its inhabitants could not be freed of demonic possession.

Flashbacks of black and white and bright coloured acts of death and torture…of guts and cruelty…of moaning and decay, stripping skin and bloodletting give the viewer a sense of the atrocities that were carried out…and…

Of eventual



Denial by the Church.

A séance is held and unknowingly, the ancient lore is once again awakened – and as the book stolen by one of the team states, will wreak havoc until it can once again…


Sinners – watch as they have sex, smoke drugs, flirt and fornicate, knowing too well that they will eventually pay the ultimate price.

A queasy stomach, vomiting, a head filled with madness and the transformation begins…

and wields vengeance…


Body cavities torn open, heart eaten, body pummelled, decapitations by way of hacking…

Feet and heads.

Demented adversaries move…

Onward, unrelenting – chasing and cackling.

Watch as filming continues whilst one of the possessed is slashed, eyeball removed, neck and head hacked and then held toward the camera…blood seeping through teeth…

A taunting grin…

There is a need for consecrated ground and a ritualistic killing to end possession…found within the book, but will it be too late?

“I pity the poor creatures who venture into that forsaken wilderness…one drop of sinners blood on that soil will release the demon within it”…

“The chances of escape are faint, but I put my faith in the Lord and pray he will deliver us”.

Passer’s by stumble across carnage and the living.

Where is your God now?

This is a plotline familiar to most horror enthusiasts – age old and yet still effective – you will know the story well.

The characters are well developed and the effects strong with plenty of blood and guts. A solid wall of Death Metal combined with the torture of a violin bring evil anticipation to life.

This outing will satisfy your lust until “Hunter’s” (Adam’s next film) plagues our senses.

“God save our souls”…

“…familiar territory pounded to death…”

“Scratchy” Pete

Jan 2014

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