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CarousHELL (2016)

Director: Steve Rudzinski
Cast: Steve Rimpici, Se Marie, Haley Jay Madison, Chris Proud, Steve Rudzinski, Sarah Brunner, Chad Bruns, Ben Dietels, Corella Waring.

When it comes to underground cinema, Steve Rudzinski is one of the most talented directors working in the field today. He makes films that some may call cheesy and goofy, but they remain fun enough to keep you entertained. He has tackled genres such as slasher, comedy, and found footage, and his brand of filmmaking always has a unique sense of wit and humor. His latest feature CarousHELL may be his most outrageous and funny feature to date.

CarousHELL follows a slasher film format with characters dying in a one-by-one scenario in a party setting, but the killer isn’t a masked psycho wielding a sharp object. Nope, this time we get a rogue amusement park carousel horse as the killer! Only Rudzinski would figure out a way for this incredibly nonsensical and outlandish scenario to work on a tight budget!

The film’s characters consist of a young girl babysitting her obnoxious overweight little brother with serious health problems, a group of dimwitted college kids (including one played by the always sexy Haley Jay Madison) throwing a party with booze, drugs, and sex, and a pizza man (played by Rudzinski himself) who finds himself in a situation where a simple trip to deliver a pizza gets him tangled in the party’s activities and is unable to collect his money and leave. The carousel horse who goes by the name “Duke” is fed up with being continuously abused by bratty kids who go on the ride every day. Duke breaks free and goes on a rampage. His sights are set on the main girl’s little brother which leads him to the party. Once there people start dying in very innovative ways and there’s even an outrageous sex scene between Duke and Ms. Madison that’s sure to have you roaring with laughter. In the end, it’s up to our pizza man and the brother-and-sister duo to fight Duke and save the day.

CarousHELL is sick, outrageous, gory, and funny. There’s toilet humor, ’80s horror elements with creative special effects and nudity and sex, and an over-the-top ending that slings a few surprises.

Steve Rudzinski has perfected a fine film to sicken an audience while tickling their funny bone at the same time. For that, he earns many points from this reviewer trying to come out of retirement. Hats off to Steve!

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