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Carnage Road

Title: Carnage Road
Director: Massimiliano Cerchi
Writer(s): Massimiliano Cerchi and John Polonia
Cast: Dean Paul, Molinee Dawn, Sean Wing, Melissa Brown, Mike Paulie, Mack Hail, Quiltface….
Genre(s): Teen Slasher
Release Date: 2000

d_48672_21469_220413095125228I like Massimilliano Cerchi, otherwise known by me as Mass’. He is friendly, passionate about what he does and tries to help out his fellow filmmakers with advice or what have you.


After my reviews of Hellbilly and Satan Clause for EHC Reviews and Interviews he asked if I wanted to review more of his offerings and I stated this film, Carnage Road. Remembering back to woodenheart’s thread ‘Massimilliano Cerchi Tripple Play Weekend!’ in the Underground Horror Films forum I remembered that was the film that grabbed me the most.


So when Mass’ offered a choice I naturally jumped on…


movieweek418Carnage Road!


The legend of Quiltface


Urban legends run thick about the Nevada desert, of people disappearing never to be seen again. One such story is about a man who wears the mask of many unfortunates faces sewn together and goes by the moniker Quiltface!


Four students and their coach driver drive into the desert to capture images to make the grade in their photographic class; the handsome guy with his girlfriend, a self-obsorbed girl who only feels she deserves the best and the class reject, a nerd. Their driver warns them about the desert and what could happen and the legend of Quiltface but do they listen, no!


Soon they are left alone in the desert armed only with a camera, unaware they are being watched and followed.


Who will survive the carnage!?!


It’s a hot day here down under and I am pouring sweat, dare I say almost hot as the Nevada desert…probably not. Definently not as hot with a masked killer armed with a machete chasing me through said desert either!


We get four students who I both loved and hated. We got moments where the characters each worked for me in their own way then something would happen or somebody would act a certain way and I would scratch my head. Acting wise these guys are obviously not professionals for the most part or in the case of both Dean Paul and Sean Wing at the start of their respective careers.


Dean Paul as Robert;


Our hero of sorts, he is the handsome guy who is there with his girlfriend Linda. Robert is a good-looking guy that likes to poke fun and have a joke. He in a way is an anti-hero with how he carries on like a girl in the heat of the trouble.


Carnage Road was Dean’s fourth film. I suspect Carnage Road was his big lead and from then it was all down hill. Mind you I haven’t seen any of these films though so could be some gems amongst his discography.


Molinee Dawn as Linda


Robert’s girlfriend; she comments at the beginning that Mike freaks her out then later jokes at his expense to a point but not to the same extent as the others. She dies far too easily her with a hack to the ribs, maybe she blacked out and survives for a sequel…my imagination is vivid!


Carnage Road is Molinee’s only film. Surprising as really as she is wasn’t bad as an actor and is good looking, maybe acting wasn’t her thing.


Sean Wing as Mike


Toothily challenged with no hope it picking up the girls or perhaps even making the grade. Mike is a nerd and puts up with insults throughout the film. Mind you when he gets in the van he does a fart when the door is closing so just maybe…


Carnage Road was Sean’s debut feature as an actor and apart from couple of other features a few short films he is mainly a TV show actor.


Melissa Brown as Amy


0Amy is the stuck up girl of the group and is hinted at by Robert of being a bit of a slut. Mike hits on her early on and she comes across as a money grabber as well plus naturally being repulsed at the idea of Mike.


Apart from a part in a TV show the same year Carnage Road is Melissa’s only film. Her portrayal wasn’t terrible by any means so unsure why she didn’t appear in any other films maybe she tried to aim for more mainstream work and it didn’t happen for her.


Mike Paulie as Old Man


Doesn’t play a massive role in the film until near the end where things are revealed. Mike’s character reminded me in ways with Carl Henry Jessup of Joaquin Montalvan’s awesome movie of 2014, Legend of the Hillbily Butcher. But more in looks and dress. At one point I was thinking just maybe he is Quiltface’s father but then things are stated and well…just maybe he is…go watch the film and decide for yourself.


Mike has been in two of Mass’ films; earlier film Hellinger (1997) and Carnage Road.


Mack Hail as The Driver


Mack has the main ‘comedy role’ of Carnage Road with his role as The Driver! He insults the students saying their only hope to pass their grade is to sleep with the teacher; Linda and Amy will be fine, Robert will be fine if the teacher is a bit fruity and Mike is pretty much screwed and will probably be kept back a year. He also mentions him being buck tooth and Mike’s come back is his mother says he is toothily challenged. He is also the one who brings up Quiltface just to get laughed at and Quiltface joked about.


Mack has the most interesting discography of the main characters mentioned here. Appearing in five horror films in including Carnage Road. He plays the killer in Nick Palumbo’s classic Underground horror Nutbag (2000). Along with this he has directed three of his own films as well; Mr Ice Cream Man (1996), Creep (1998) and Transamerican Killer (2005)


quiltfaceQuiltface as Himself.


One of the best end credit statements EVER! He is himself and nobody else! I actually thought just maybe Mass’ played him but who knows. Obviously Carnage Road IS his film, after all the sub heading is The Legend of Quiltface! Now Quiltface is awesome; dug his mask and the way he moved. Kind of reminded me to a point of Michael Myers for some odd reason when he walks but then nothing like him. Then he goes in for the kill all hunched over and lose, a madman with his machete and happy hack time! Also love how he grunts and growls, just gives this special kind of animal madness.



My contentions about Carnage Road…


After the opening act and one of the best lines in the film, “Isn’t it great” “It’s a shithole!” I felt there were some scenes wasted on nothing but the desert. BUT in stating that it could have been to create the effect of desolation.


Some of the main characters seemed to lose focus of who they are, maybe it is me but little bits here and there left me going ‘ha, wtf!!


Quiltface needed more scenes. Would have loved to have had him sewing new pieces of face to his mask, especially would have worked a treat either at the beginning or near the middle; just his back to the camera and him sewing face to his mask of human faces.


Now for what I dug about Carnage Road…


quiltface_3Naturally Quiltface; as mentioned in the above dug the character with how he goes about his business and naturally his mask and all up look. In was, and again, like Michael Myers but a mask mad of human faces. It has been stated elsewhere that Carnage Road has a bit to thank The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to thank for but to me for the most part is a lazy comparison. Maybe to a very limited point The Hills Have Eyes original but mainly due to the settings.


Machete Headshots look good; one hit bam and a freshly killed victim. Methodolical in his ways perhaps this is why there isn’t any maniacal hacking and slashing; a vet’s experience of just killing quickly. Maybe this is the essence of the lack of heaps of blood and gore in Carnage Road, our killer is an ex soldier who, though appearing insane, is in control.


When Robert finds Amy hanging up amongst sundry body parts in a shed. Dangling from the ceiling each part looked real, drained of blood and ready for consumption. Or just maybe a madman’s idea of decorating the home!?!


Dug Quiltface’s mask; felt with it’s faces sewn together in the fashion they went for here was original and not a copy of say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or whatever hinted at in other reviews of Carnage Road.


Though to a point there was sometimes too much of it I dug the setting; the Nevada desert, a great place to create mayhem and death for our four high school student future victims. Place it is a great set up for the ‘old man’s’ home of sheds and camper trailer / caravan.


carnagequiltface17cf3-1.4417On experience of viewing Carnage Road my feelings for the most part is it is meant to be taken as a parody of sorts of Teen horror in a similar way to Ryan Nicholson’s Famine. Our four students are played by actors a few years too old for their parts, the way the characters or portrayed and what have you. On my second viewing of Carnage Road with this in mind the film worked way better. But in stating this it is Mass’ film and he may not of had this in mind, I would ask him but he is sick at the moment of my working on this review. I did love Quitface and feel he would be great to see again in a follow-up; but with stating this next time perhaps more onscreen presence along with more blood splatter and gore.


Anyway go give Carnage Road a crack and experience for yourself…


…The Legend of Quiltface

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