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Cannibal Claus

Title: Cannibal Clause
Director: Sean Donohue
Writer(s): Sean Donohue
Cast: Bob Glazier, Alberto
Genre(s): Horror, Cannibalism
Release Date: 2016

Nick is pissed as he just lost his job as a store Santa Clause. Taking the boss’ coffee mug filled with his candy Nick storms out!

But he isn’t going to let this wreck his weekend. Nick is going out to get a bite to eat. What’s on the menu you dare ask?

Bad people are on the menu…

…and on the BBQ!

Cannibal Clause (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


Sean Donohue & Racheal Leah Shaw

Sean Donohue & Racheal Leah Shaw

Sleaze cums from behind the Christmas Tree with this latest outing Sean Donohue!


Our Cannibal Clause, The Sleaze Box regular Bob Glazier, hides behind a Christmas Tree when he hears the front door open. Watching some nice raunchiness unfold before him he gets a boner that pops from out of the foliage.  Then the lady of his admiration wearing chortles underwear for her christmas prezzie puts up a Christmas Tree decoration on his old fella!

Would have shit myself laughing if he shot his load and said here’s your Christmas snow but alas maybe for another film….or just maybe only I see this as amusing and everyone else rolls their eyes or think I am a filthy animal.

Sleaze blows forth from here on in.

Cannibal Claus (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaAs you can imagine Cannibal Clause has all the nudity and no holding back you have become accustomed to from a The Sleaze Box release! Sean is lucky he has available a bevy of beautiful woman who aren’t afraid to show their sexy bits!

Some meaty gore effects are put on show as well. To me in the style of the late Herschell Gordon Lewis. Meaty!

Cannibal Claus (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaChuck a chunk of flesh on the barbee mate!

Interesting side not is the Special Effects props are handled by Marcus Koch and James Bell. Both guys range hugely on my radar and extremely talented in their own rights as both effects artists and filmmakers.

We get a cool background story of a little boy who won’t eat his dinner, if he does he gets to open his prezzie.

What’s inside the box?

One of the meatiest scenes of the film. Funny enough similar though dare I say light years ahead effects wise to my own short film OFF{al} I am working on right now. Actually mine has nothing to do with Christmas!

Alas I won’t spoil so go see what I am talking about, links at the bottom naturally!

Cannibal Claus (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFor me Cannibal Clause plays out nicely as a SOV style Christmas Cannibal Horror. From the way it plays out, shot and soundtracked. It has a feel that I dig. Unsure if this was shot on video but honestly who gives a fuck as the spirit was there and did not feel fake.

Loved last years Death-scort Service, in fact it was in my Splat’s Top 13 Underground / Indie Horror of 2015 so when Sean offered me his latest to take a squizz at I jumped at the chance. It played as it should for what I describe in the above as SOV. Plus with the added bonus of the lovely lady regulars of The Sleaze Box giving Cannibal Clause that extra bit of exploitation genuine feel to the proceedings. Damn these guys get some hot women!

Not arthouse, experimental or will stretch your intellect but more importantly…if you want an hour or so entertainment, hot women, insanity, murder and gore Cannibal Clause is for you!

Pure Sleaze coming at you from out of the Box!

Cannibal Claus will be ready just in tim for Chrissie, see links below for more details…

Cannibal Claus (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema



Cannibal Claus (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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