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Bombshell Bloodbath (2014)

Title: Bombshell Bloodbath
Director: Brett Mullen
Writer(s): Brett Mullen
Cast: Alex Elliott, Ed Ricker, Rob Springer….
Genre(s): Zombies
Release Date: 2014

1072493_519544801454330_1577517959_o_zpsfb2fefc6A chance to check out a new zombie film always excites me. Especially one with a great trailer as this one had. Naturally I created a thread in The Zombie Arena and showed my appreciation of what was created to Bombshell Bloodbath’s Facebook page. Its creator Filmmaker Brett Mullen’s got back to me and asked if I would like to check it out, naturally I stated I would love to!

I am so glad I did! Here is what I experienced…

Experimenting with reanimation of the dead a scientist succeeds! Unfortunately the re-animated corpses become flesh-devouring zombies. Amongst this madness his youngest daughter is accidently administered the drug and experiences periods of hyper aggressive violence. On a mission with her older sister to obtain what they think is a cure the police become involved and chaos soon erupts as the zombies are let loose and start to feast on the living!

Brett Mullen seriously digs the films of the Italian Cycle and it seriously shows here in Bombshell Bloodbath! Citing Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi as major influences I got this feel throughout; but in stating this these are influences on the creation that is Mullen’s own vision! A story of one man’s insane attempts to bring life back into the dead, he succeeds but not in the way he wants…except one but you need to experience it to find out!1097666_525682404173903_1741603947_o

Throughout Bombshell Bloodbath we get this great soundtrack that adds to the whole texture of the film. This was created by an artist called Umberto, with a name like that, seriously digs the Italian Cycle as well! Combination of the visual and sonic is brilliant!

A movie about zombies is naturally going to have Zombie and gore effects! For Bombshell Bloodbath we get Joh Harp on effects duties. From the first zombie we come across walking with a badly broken ankle, to the zombies of our mad scientist to shovel to the face, gunshots again to the face to flesh eating it all looks great! Loved it all and had no complaints!

I loved the feel of how the story played out and with its obvious influences, everything melded together well and felt like a work of passion for this genre from a long-term fan! Certain aspects you could see that a director of olde had his influences but that was as far as it went. If Bombshell Bloodbath was a motif of favorite scenes it would have failed, thankfully it was way more. Again, this along with the abovementioned soundtrack was perfect!

1002876_525148280893982_1709933062_nFor myself Bombshell Bloodbath was a brilliant night’s zombie entertainment! I grew up going to the video rental and hiring out VHS copies of films such as Hell of the Living Dead and other films of this subgenre and never grew tired of them! So it was with much pleasure that I find a fellow fan creating his own vision and tribute to these films we both love!

Bombshell Bloodbath is a zombie film made by a long-term fan for similarly minded individuals. Everything was well crafted with from my own point of perspective no weak spots. This was a joy to experience and I seriously hope in the future Brett Mullen helps keep this subgenre alive with more zombie experiences for the fans out there!

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