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Bombshell Bloodbath {2014}


“…takes more than a healthy bite from its Italian influences…”

“…a new age zombie movie that offers the viewer a hell of a lot more while paying its respects to days gone by…”

Director and friend Brett Mullen teased me quite some time ago with pictures and a trailer of this 2014 movie. It looked sharp, action packed and with effects that looked both honest and reminiscent of many of the movies I loved from the late 70’s and 80’s.

Something about it made me sit up and take note – how can you not with a trailer like that?

Privileged to be able to review it first I was going to hold off for a few days but simply couldn’t.

It had to be watched.

“I resemble the dead now” – a young woman sits, eyes burning bright orange, shotgun resting on her lap.

The dead walk – hideous, grotesque, moaning.

In a ute, drinking, you run down a blonde beauty – face stoved in, she is far from a looker now yet bones crack and life sparks in some dark way

“Stay down, you’ve lost a lot of blood – you women are so fucking stubborn”…

6 days ago.

A scientist is desperate to re animate life for the common good? Rats lead to humans and humans lead to the real issue.

His wife.

C900 Subject 3 injected – C900 Subject H1 – a human sits – back to life, freshly dug from the grave, bites the hand that feeds and the chain reaction begins in an albeit stubborn way.

Doctor Carter is intent. His daughters Cara and Denise along with his lab assistants are powerless to stop the process, the majority falling by the wayside – bitten, shot, ripped apart with lavish amounts of blood.

Sheriff Parks (played superbly by Larry Parks) and his deputies get the law involved when a body is found – the spade giving it a brand new smile…

“Unless you’re gonna break out the KY and mount it – cover it up”.

A strip club and girls dance, breasts on display – Sarah in tantalising pink tightness makes you gulp – captured, injected – an anti-serum must be found.

Cara begins to change – mentally at first, hallucinations, thoughts and actions of violence, leading to

Double tap.

The law taken care of but not before caged experiments are let loose.

Mother reanimated but can her Father really play God?

Ironies abound.

“Lord you played me like a fool”

8 Weeks later.

The real carnage begins as you watch a Hillbilly Zombie shoot – knives, shotguns, samurai swords, burning bodies.

Zombies lovingly created, killed just as lovingly – true to the genre.

Sarah the stripper rescued? “Feed her then you can play with her”…

Cara sits with a shotgun on her lap.

Man wants to conquer all yet what he fears the most is a loss of power.

This is Bombshell Bloodbath.

Approximately 80 minutes of great cinema. Superbly shot, great effects, enough gore to respect the traditions of the genre, nudity, some very effective acting and a look that far exceeds its minimalistic budget.

And I mean far exceeds.

I like the way Brett described the movie to me as an “interesting mash” – the first half streamlined, the second half more complex and at times disjointed, but all leading towards the one common goal very successfully.

I can only hope that someone picks this one up – it deserves to be seen…

And enjoyed.
Congratulations team Bombshell Bloodbath.

“…Dare to play God?…”

“Scratchy” Pete
April 2014


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