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black mass of the nazi sex wizard

Title: black mass of the nazi sex wizard
Director: Lucifer Valentine
Writer(s): Lucifer Valentine
Genre(s): Vomit Gore
Release Date: 2015


11692858_1638851019661529_1970961266_nLucifer Valentine makes a return to the series of films that set him on the Underground. His Vomit Gore series, starting off with Slaughtered Vomit Dolls back in 2006. Black mass of the nazi sex wizard


It was rumoured that the only chance to experience this was at Slaughter At Syracuse 2015 and then that was it. But hell I knew that wasn’t quite right! Being a massive fan and supporter of Black Lava Entertainment I knew they were gearing for this long awaited film’s release.


11403297_973692462663841_6865027032568006486_nThomas Binder, founder and owner of Black Lava Entertainment, is an awesome guy who much loves these films we consider Extreme Horror Cinema. He offered up screeners for people to review and naturally this was an offer I could not refuse. Latest film from Lucifer Valentine is pretty damned hard to knock back! So obviously I requested a copy and he was most happy to oblige. 


Sure enough the package arrived with a nice surprise you all will see in a review or two from now. Along with THAT Thomas was awesome to send me some stickers and flyers. Like I always state, Thomas and the Black Lava Entertainment team are awesome!


But anyway here we go; a nice slice of gore, sickness, insanity, filth and depravity….


519020346_640Morbid fantasies from a fragmented mind!


It is Christmas 1996.


This will be the last night on Earth!


Memories, and debased fantasies collide! Intertwining in cycle upon cycle. Then in the final moments clarity and what will be done!


This is the black mass of the nazi sex wizard!


An experience told in vomit, gore and other apparent deviate activities! At the beginning there is a warning that certain people should not watch VG4 and perhaps get professional help. That one of the actresses comes on and explains she is a professional and knows what she is doing. 


Gore there is, and nicely done. Not as gory and bloody as 2008’s ReGOREgitated Sacrifice. Alas, this is a different path on this journey in Vomit Gore! A different perspective of a fragmented mind.


mqdefaultBreasts cut off and consumed! Eyes plucked out and enjoyed as a side dish. A face caved in and used as a vomit bucket! Sick and effective! Very tasty indeed! But along with this are scenes of real cutting. As we are told at the beginning of the feature our actress with the blade is a professional. 


Images from a beauty pageant, animated cartoons from the 30s or whenever along with more debauched offerings tell this tale. Cycle upon cycle we head towards the final moments of clarity of existence of this person.


Is Lucifer Valentine’s black mass of the nazi sex wizard fetish porn or something much deeper and darker?


I would say LV uses his fetish for bodily fluids as a vehicle to tell a tale in an abstract manner depending on the level of perception of the viewer.


From experience I know LV has a legion of distractors, but I am not one of them. I can understand his passion to want to get his film out there. As for the vomit, that is fine with me. I love a bit of sickness myself. 


11296801_1592558721033911_911899808_nblack mass of the nazi sex wizard doesn’t disappoint. For this viewer it was a nice take of viewing the visions of this fractured mind. Of a journey into disintegration and transformation. As one would expect it is sick with the usual LV staples along with the nice looking effects! While this won’t be for everyone I dug the experience! Black Lava Entertainment’s Hardbox sold out in like 3 minutes or so from what I heard. That was with a limit of three per customer as well. Slipcase and Amaray Editions will be available at soon enough. 

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