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Beautiful People

Title: Beautiful People
Director: Amerigo Brini
Writer(s): Andrea Cavaletto, Marco Palese, Amerigo Brini
Cast: Danny Cutler, Alex Lucchesi, Alex Southern, Kate Marie Davies, David White, James Wiles, Vanina Marini, Ettore Nicoletti, Alexandra Antonioli
Genre(s): Creature Feature
Release Date: 2015

1467335_667099953334272_1549357086_nBeautiful People arrived in the Indie Movies sub forum here at Extreme Horror Cinema back in November 2013. Experiencing the trailer it got my horror juices flowing to experience more. So keeping an eye on things to my excitement the news of a release arrived. Me being me I approached Doghouse Pictures for an online screener. Being in Australia I always ask for these as I don’t expect filmmakers to pay to send screeners over. Marco of Doghouse Pictures replied to the positive.

Naturally I was excited for this chance to experience and review Beautiful People after this long wait.

My synapses of Italian filmmaker Amerigo Brini’s debut, Beautiful People…

A brutal gang who forces a husband and wife to fornicate in front of their daughter as they film. Soon they die and the gang moves on.

This makes a running start into Beautiful People as the gang go on the hunt for fresh victims.

Soon they come to the house of a scientist and his family. Invading the house and subjecting the family to brutality they discover something much more deadly and hungry for human flesh resides within. Mayhem spreads as the scientist’s experiments escape the laboratory and slowly spread out and feed off anyone unfortunate enough to get within arms reach.

1412377_665755283468739_981770315_oBeautiful People deal with the subject of the cold objectivity of science and what it takes to achieve knowledge. On parallel lines we then get these criminals with a similar mind frame. Both vicious; but for differing goals, one for some unknown medical reason and the other for the delusional mentality of weeding out the perceived weak and make a buck on the way.

Our opening scene introduces us to our two advisories.

We get this sex scene that turns out to be not for love but of the parents being forced to have sex in front of their daughter while being filmed. This is to showcase the brutality of our psychotic gang.

Then we get this woman who is waking up in a lab cell just to be eaten by some form of creatures hungry for human flesh! Then it is around the 45 minutes mark before these creatures come out to play again. In this period we get the horrific brutality as this gang terrorises the scientist and his family. Then brutality turns around and bites back at the gang!


beautiful-people-2014Torments caused upon the two families involved.

Of the first going through sexual humiliation before being blown away.

Our second family gets bashed around a bit! But gets saved from the same fate as the first, if saved is the right term for what happens.

Saved because our creatures escape the lab and go on a bloodthirsty rampage. Blood thirst rampage means people getting eaten with their intestines and what have you hanging out.

There is also this really nice scene where a face is bashed in with a rock! It is not hidden, you get the whole experience. This is always a great touch! 

My only real issue here in Beautiful People is that some of what was being stated felt too wordy! It brought to mind, in ways, early 80s Italian horror efforts with the dialogue. But then this is an Italian film shot in English. I suppose the original script was translated into English and this happens.

My only contention scene wise was this rape scene that happens. Maybe it was my perception at the time though. It does end with a really nice gore shot, which made me happy.

Keep in mind though that Beautiful People IS the debut for a first time filmmaker! Along with this one shot NOT in his native tongue. So certain aspects won’t exactly be perfect!

thWe get some really nice scenarios which look great! Special effects wise the violence and the creatures look spot on! Blood and gore is nice and I didn’t really notice any CGI here. Again, it was great to see that face getting bashed in with a rock scene!

I won’t disclose what the creatures are! I don’t want to spoil the surprise for future viewers of Beautiful People.

Even though you see them in the opening scenes, along with the trailer, they leave you questioning. What are they? Are they zombies? Demons? Some medical mutation? I know BUT you must watch the film to find out!

beautiful-people21Beautiful People is a film I am planning to re-watch when I get my own copy. Funny enough its first release is an Australian one through Monster Pictures.

From my experience here I will be keeping an eye on Mr Amerigo Brini and what he may have in store for us horror wise in the future!

Big thanks to Marco at Doghouse Pictures for linking me to the online screener. It was very much appreciated!

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