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Title: Antithese
Director: Thomas Binder & Jonas Sommer
Writer(s): Thomas Binder & Jonas Sommer
Cast: Günther Brandl, Miriam Fontaine, Melody Bayer, Martin Faltermeier, Nicole Lauer
Genre(s): Horror
Release Date: 2017

Antithese is the genesis for writer / directors  Thomas Binder of Black Lava Entertainment and Jonas Sommer foray into short film making. 

As with a lot a underground productions the guys ad their hands in everything; filming, effects and everything else that goes into creating their vision. 

Antitheses has a loving couple leave the big city for the backwoods. Stephen is a writer who just wants to get away from the noise of humans. People annoy him and escape is part of the recipe for creativity. Mia on the other hand loves the noise of modern life, convenience that the big city gives and being around people. But alas she loves her man. 

Countryside is beautiful. Upon arriving at the cabin it is tranquil. Neatly kept with this water feature that is very meditative.

Home to the flow of a writer’s creativity!

Night falls along with fingers to typewriter. Creativity flows. Mia asks Stephen what he is writing. A story of a woman named Mia entering into the domains of a horror story. 

Sleepiness of the countryside overtakes Mia and she goes to bed. 

Stephen discovers a bundle, inside a book. A book of evil and unbeknownst to him an incantation to awaken a demon. As in any good horror movie naturally the incantation is spoken aloud!

Mia dreams!

Of a cow skull face entity…a naked woman tied down…a sacrificial meaty skull that vomits forth a torrent of blood…

Mia is possessed!

Stephen has to save her soul through the power of his imagination and the skills on the typewriter. Sacrifices have to be made. 

Will they survive the night?

Watch the short film!

Antitheses is beautifully shot! Countryside, when they enter the property along with Mia’s dreams.

It’s funny but I felt it was such a same all this beauty was lost on her. Mobile phone was her focus. Seemed to me sad. My thoughts were sitting in the afternoon sun on the grass watching the water feature…skull fucking Mia’s corpse…no, just taking in the tranquility of the surroundings and the joy of no humans around.  

Felt Mia’s dreams were the focal point for the film as they set up whats to come with Stephen’s attempt to save her. Cow skull demon, the naked woman who gets washed with blood, to the bible in the flames. Mia’s possession by a dark entity.

Guys put a lot into the visual. 

Gore and nastiness arrives with a possessed Mia biting her own finger off with the promises of more digital appetisers if Stephen doesn’t type away. Later she takes him to bed to rest, though rest isn’t on her mind! She gives him one series hicky with a bite on his shoulder. Last of the bloody visuals is a nice looking throat slice…who’s throat, watch Antitheses and find out!

Antitheses is a visit to the realm of Demon Possession and the consequence of trying to outwit this entity. At first felt it may go along the trial of an Evil Dead, but no. Antitheses is it’s own story of 29 minutes in length. What we get is perfect for this short film! Love the gore and insanity but also love creativity and creating visuals that work for a short film. Well shot, nicely acted with some solid effects work my feelings was this was a debut to be proud of for both Thomas Binder and Jonas Sommer.



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