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Andrey Iskanov Support Disc

Title: Andrey Iskanov Support Disc
Director: Andrey Iskanov
Writer(s): Andrey Iskanov
Genre(s): Underground Hallucinogenic Horror
Release Date: 2015



Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaBack in 2014 a new company came onto the scene straight out of Sweden, Last Exit Entertainment. It’s promise, to release Independent films from around the globe. Movies in the vein of what we love here at Extreme Horror Cinema. Movies that expose the viewer to gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity. From such diverse places as Russia, Germany, France and Brazil just to get things started.

Debuting release had its birth in Khabarovsk, a city in the far east of Russia bordering with China.

Also the debut film from Underground filmmaker Andrey Iskanov back in 2003. Last Exit Entertainment naturally had it’s flag release in 2014.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror Cinema

Gvozdi / Nails (2014)

Nails is the opening for Iskanov’s HalluCinoGeNnN trilogy.

A government assassin is dealing with terrible headaches and discovers a possible cure. Hammering nails into his skull. But soon he has the need to go to farther extremes. Deeper within this tale we delve into the hallucinogenic mind of a man prepared to go to extremes to ease his pain.

Nails was re-mastered and colour corrected by the man himself to a vision he felt appropriate for his tale. Nails is only touched on within Andrey Iskanov Support Disc with the trailer. After all it has been released and the support disc is more about the future of this visionary and what both he and Last Exit Entertainment have installed for us.

Aundrey Iskanoz Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaBut on a last note for Gvozdi. Naturally I own Last Exit Entertainment‘s release of Nails and can attest to it’s worthiness. Personally I love both this and the original release through Unearthed Films, which is now OOP! After all, this is how I discovered Iskanov’s visions of suffering in the first place.

As just mentioned the feature meat of the Andrey Iskanov Support Disc is on the future releases of the man’s work. I will go into two classics that have been re-visited, with one totally re-visualized. Then I will delve into two new experiences that have been in the long time in the waiting.


Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaAndrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaPhilosophy of a Knife (2016) is the last feature listed on the menu before the end trailer for nails. But it is the next major release for Last Exit Entertainment. So, alas, I shall start here.

Most of you reading this should already know what the story involves. Well at the least most diehard fans of underground and extreme cinema should know anyway!

An eclectic combination of interview and visualisation of the atrocities visited upon Chinese and Russian people by Unit 731, the covert Biological and Chemical Warfare Unit of the Imperial Japanese Army  in Shanghai during World War II.
An exploration into a colour scene is had here within the Support Disc. That scene with the pregnant woman experimented on with the nasty, vicious C-sesction. Cameras are watching on while we get flashes of medical journal of woman’s anatomy and what have you. As forever watching on in cold observation is the nurse ready to take orders.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) extreme Horror CinemaAlong with this taste of what can  be expected with some scenes experienced in colour is the new trailer for PoaK. We get a historical perspective of the theme with the opening written dfialvque of the history then archival footage. Naturally then comes Andrey’s audiovisual perspective of the terrible atrocities that went on in this black time in history.

From my experience the main difference with this edition will be the scenes presented in colour.. Colour is effective for the most part for the gore aspect. A striking contrast to the black & white it provides a striking effect. But, as well as this, it does offer a coldness to the events. A clinical effect which seems appropriate the the subject matter of medical experiments.


Visions Of Suffering – Uroboros. (201_) HalluCinoGeNnN Part II Where do I start!?! Holy fuck we are going to be on one awesome ride with Andrey’s re-envisioning of what I personal consider a great film! This is going to be on an entirely different level!

Another film where I can only assume most fans of Underground and extreme cinema of experienced at some stage.

Demons haunt a man’s dreams when it rains and threaten to escape into reality. During a drug fueled vision a doorway opens where they escape and drag him into their nightmare realm.

Naturally the first scene opens up the story arc.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaSecond scene involves some very explicit sex scene of foreplay, fucking and sucking. Andrey is lucky enough to get actors not shy to go all out. But the great thing is that it doesn’t distract, feel tact on or anything. It feels a natural synergy with the rest of the scene that sets everything up. Our main character, played by the man himself, is a demon hunter of sorts and knows to look in the sex classifieds for his quarry. Scenes of him looking through these are intertwined with the explicit sex scenes.

Visions of Suffering – Uroboros for me will been of the top Underground releases for 2016. It appears to be an almost totally new experience. Iskanov has commented that there are no CGI shots at all this time around. Originally they only existed due to time constraints, Also elements of the story arc have been dragged into alignment to fit Andrey’s vision…of suffering.

A MUST HAVE for those of you who love these movies and naturally are fans of the director’s work! Fuck this is going to be great!


Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror Cinema Ingression (201_) First of two entirely new experiences from the creator of the visions of suffering we love. Ingression is the capping on the HalluCinoGeNnN  trilogy that started with Nails way back in 2003.

Naturally I have not experienced the full experience that is Ingression. So in Iskanov’s own words we are going to experience…

After his wife Lucy walks out on him, Alexander tries to seek solace in alcohol and drugs, but the pain just won’t go away. He is given the address of a mysterious man who claims to have the answer; a strange, powerful narcotic that will take away his anguish. Alexander can’t take any more so he visits the dealer and is given the drug. For a while he feels fine, life is good again, until he realizes that shadowy figures are pursuing him. He tries to escape but there is no hiding from the Ingression.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaFirst scene sets the pace of the mentality of our anti-hero of the spotty line. Sitting in a bath with a razor blade contemplating. Russian is spoken for the main part which is the presentation of his thoughts. Then we get a newscaster speaking English along with Manoush….fuck, everyone reading this should know who she is!…telling him in his head how hopeless he is.

Second sees visions of cats being opened up, a person who is cut up then the man being chased through the city by free-runner trained men.

As far as I can tell the man is tripping. Walking around following a woman.

Ingression promises to be a hallucinogenic drug fuelled escape from this reality. Going by the opening scenes they only touch on the stills that I have seen of later scenes. Once we get subtitles the opening scene will open up to a bigger world of understanding. looks like the long wait is almost over and was more than worth it!

Andrey iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaG-Spot (201_) was originally known as Tochka and to be a segment in the upcoming The Profane Exhibit (201_). On hearsay and what I vaguely remember reading somewhere I believe the filmmakers were allowed to keep their original unedited films and use them as they saw fit.

Again, with Andrey’s words, what G-Spot is all about…

The young Anna was sold in a underground brothel for sadists, addicts and sexual perverts by her own father, but she vainly tries to run away therefrom.
She has already made two attempts of runaway but each time she was caught, returned and severely punished trying to transform into heroine addict.

This third time becomes for her the last in any case.

Her pursue, but to she stop Car on Road, which driver – the pleasant young man by name Vlad, seems, has kind heart and it tries to help to be rescued her.
But he appears real owner of the brothel which has come back after some absence. The worse person from all whom she met in her life. The real devil, a ruling his own small hell with blood, flesh and pain.
He is going is indicative to punish Anna for her runaway but after she hardly wound one of his bandits, Vlad is going to transform the revenge into the real enchantling spectacle of tortures and violence.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror CinemaScene one involves a young girl tied down to a table surrounded by men of ill repute with one of them pissing on her. Then the scene draws to the head of the gang getting a blow job in the middle of the room with his men and what I assume are prostitutes for the brothel. Scene goes back and forwards to we see the girl take a knife and stab one of the men who is thereon his own in the head of his cock. She escapes and soon his body is discovered and some of the men are punished for letting this happen. Soon she is re=captured.

Scene two introduces how the girl was brought to the brothel in the first place. Also we get a taste of what goes on there with smoking drugs, sex and the different characters there.

Andrey has is own unmistakable style and it shows here as well in its own way. G-Spot looks to be a rape-revenge film that is quite violent and sexually explicit when it comes to certain scenes one can only expect in a film like this set in a brothel. Iskanov plays a pretty brutal character who uses a blow torch on a woman.

G-Spot looks like it is going to be a awesomely nasty piece of rape and revenge full length feature.

Color_scene_4Andrey Iskanov fans look like we are in for some real treats here, exciting times. We are getting the full plethora of gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity

Last Exit Entertainment‘s Andrey Iskanov Support Disc is just that, support. Formulated to raise funds for Khabarovsk born and raised underground filmmaker. In an introduction the man himself thanks everyone for the support.

We get a host of opening scenes and trailers for five visions of suffering. Four future releases in Philosophy of a KnifeVisions Of Suffering: Final Director’s CutIngression, G-spot plus the already released debut of both Andrey’s and Last Exit Entertainment, the seminal Nails (2003 / 2014). Andrey’s original films have been re-mastered, colourised and in the case of Visions of Suffering: Final Director’s Cut a whole new monster has arisen out of the old. Then the future with long anticipated Ingression and formerly known as Tochka segment for The Profane Exhibit, G-spot. You get a feel for what is coming.

Naturally once each release arrives and I get the opportunity to have my own experiences I will delve deeper!

Andrey‘s filmography has a new home at Last Exit Entertainment. Any fan of Iskanov‘s films need to pick up Nails along with keep an eye out for the release dates for his farther films.

Thanks to the gang at Last Exit Entertainment for sending me out my very own copy of Andrey Iskanov Support Disc, it will be treasured. Also thanks Tomas Sandquist for the poster artwork and stills from Poak, deeply appreciated sir! For farther information on Andrey Iskanov and Last Exit Entertainment you will find links in the below.

Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror Cinema


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Andrey Iskanov Support Disc (2015) Extreme Horror Cinema


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