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American Scumbags

Title: American Scumbag
Director: Dakota Bailey
Writer(s): Dakota Bailey
Cast: Dakota Bailey, Darien Fakwes, Fred Epstein, L.B, Nick Benning, Bianca Valentino, Katy Katzar, Bill Chaffer
Genre(s): Exploitation Sleaze Trash Cinema
Release Date: 2017







American Scumbags is a sleaze/trash/exploitation film featuring three interconnected stories revolving around heroin addicted hitman/drug dealer Johnny (Dakota Bailey), sadistic psychopathic convict Billy (Darien Fawkes) & drug kingpin Chester (Fred Epstein).

The film takes the viewer deep into a seedy underworld where crime & drugs rule.

Featuring the songs ‘Taxi Cunts Fuck Off’, ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ & ‘Scumbag Boogie’ by Pizzatramp.

Official Synopsis

Another round of exploitation sleaze!

From the guy who brought us 2016’s My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence. Showcasing the seedier side of America with it’s sex, drugs and murder.

All scumbags no heroes. Everyone is a piece of shit at their own level prepared to fuck whoever to get whatever they want! Literally and figuratively!

Drug addict indebted to his dealer

A total sleaze bag guy who intends to fuck up his ex-girlfirends life

Ex vietnam vet who steals from the dead…this guy ain’t so bad, he shoots a recently release from prison pedophile dead

Drug dealer and cat lover who decides it is better cut a loss and just kill…including his own cats in a jolt of drug fuelled psychosis.

Drug motivated Enforcer doing his boss’ dirty deeds…until he finds out his boss wants him dead!

Loved the washed out black and white with sometimes a more sepia look at the beginning. It works perfect for Dakota’s brand of exploitation / trash / sleaze!

American Scumbags is not a gore fest and is not meant to be. It’s exploitation crime cinema, something the guys feel very passionate about. What we do get is perfect. Acid to the face, gun shot wounds and the guy who is thrown off a bridge to his death.

American Scumbags for me would be perfect in a series of Exploitation films done along this style. It is not long at under an hour. You could grab a couple of these, some beer and nibbles then hit the play button.

New exploitation / trash / sleaze film American Scumbags comes from the mind of Denver independent filmmaker Dakota Bailey & his R.A. Productions. My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence was his debut of 2016. It heralded a new young up and coming filmmaker. Dakota and his mates decided to shoot something they were passionate about and in my mind..along with others as I have seen through reviews etc…has succeeded! Really would love to see more in the vein of American Scumbags. As I mentioned before these would work well as a series of Exploitation /trash / sleaze short features about the dirtier, non-romantacizing of some filthy motherfuckers on the streets wheeling and dealing all leading to murderous mayhem!




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