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Billy Club (2013)

Title: Billy Club
Director: Nick Sommer and Drew Rosas
Writer(s): Nick Sommer
Cast: Erin Hammond, Mark Metcalf, Marshall Caswell, Nick Sommer, Max Williamson
Genre(s): Slasher
Release Date: November 4th 2014

71-BvY4Q4rL._SL1000_Sitting here in the heat of the Australian Summer enjoying my chilled can of Pepsi Next I am re-visiting my screener of Billy Club while putting down words for this review. From the duo of Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer who brought us 2010’s Blood Junkie comes another great film with this 70s early 80s vibe.


The year is 1996…


15 years ago two boys and their little league baseball coach are brutally murdered by a fellow team member who winds up in a mental hospital.


Coming together a group of childhood friends come together for the first time since school where they all played in the same little league baseball team.


536478_376999815669803_304864075_nAt the same time an escaped mental patient dressed up in an antique base ball umpire’s uniform and armed with a nail studded baseball bat with a retractable blade at the end of it has his eye on blood soaked revenge upon them. Branding each of his victims he slowly goes through his old team members who had done something wicked that almost killed him for not taking one for the team!


Billy is out to club those who he perceives have wronged him!


With interesting characters, twists and great kills Billy Club is worth checking out for those of you who love slasher films! With this mention of kills and what not we get some really nice slasher face bashing in gore effects. Though not over the top they are perfect for this experience. Along with this love the out fit of our killer, the antique refs uniform along with the killing implement of choice…a nail studded baseball bat with extendable blade at it’s end.


I also love the ending,; it is awesome and well thought out!


Billy Club is a natural progression from before mentioned Blood Junkie. From my perspective of viewing it there seems to be the advantage of a larger budget. We get a variety of scenarios of the incidents within the storyline, backstory along with the killings. Successfully achieving the same vibe as Blood Junkie; this is successful as a slasher film and way more effective than a lot of the films coming out by the big studios that have been made in579976_437644876324145_60951337_nto franchise fodder! Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer have a great slasher film sans baseball bat on their hands here!


Get a chance go check out Billy Club and see why I consider it one of the best slasher films of the past couple of years!

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