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Beyond The Grave

Title: Beyond the Grave
Director: Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro
Writer(s): Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro
Cast: Rafael Tombini, Alvaro RosaCosta, Ricardo Seffner, Amanda Grimaldi, Luciana Verch, Leandro Lefa, Tatiana Paganella, Adriano Basegio
Genre(s): Post Apocalyptic / Supernatural / Demonic Possession / Zombies / Road Movie / Western Arthouse
Release Date: 2010

This film was awesome. Dreamy, surreal, bloody, amazing FX and very cool death scenes. Let’s see, it’s a zombie western arthouse crime demonic piece of cinema, yeah thats it! The cinematography was just brilliant, each scene grabbed my attention and never let go. This needs a DVD release I say. I’d certainly would buy it.

Wooden heart, founder & owner EHC


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“I don’t know where he came from. I don’t know who he is. I’ve been looking for him since before the end of the world. I thought that he was only a serial killer, but he is something worse.”

The Police Officer

thBeyond The Grave (2010) aka Porto dos Mortos was first brought up on Extreme Horror Cinema in the Other Foreign Films forum here  in June of this year (2014) by founder and owner wooden heart. Experiencing the trailer and wooden’s words I really dug what I saw!

As with wooden Isidoro B. Gugiana, Executive Producer and publicist for Lockheart Filmes approached me in regards to sending me a screener of Beyond The Grave, along with an online screener while I waited as well as Press Material. I am deeply greatful for this as Porto dos Mortos truly turned out to be an amazing experience and something different!

Porto Alegre, Brazil, born Filmmaker Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro is the writer and director of Beyond the Grave. Mr Pinheiro was a short film/documentary maker until 2011 when he wrote and directed Porto dos Mortos as his debut feature. His latest film, a short And All That Could Have Been is in post-production as I work on this review.

Below is the short synapses of how Lockheart Filmes describes the experience that is Beyond the Grave (2011).

In a devastated post-apocalyptic world where the rules of reality are transformed by magic and madness, a vengeful police officer searches for a possessed serial killer in a battle of the not- so-good versus absolute evil.

beyond_the_grave_photo-1024x680Porto dos Mortos is a post-apocalyptic, zombie, demonic possession, vigilante cop, road movie with a western art house flavour to boot!

From my experience of viewing Beyond the Grave I got the feel for such films as Mad Max, or known as The Road Warrior in the States, and Six String Samurai. Our dark hero on his quest to destroy the serial killer who he discovers has supernatural powers and perhaps even demonic, drives around in this muscle car that brought to mind the Turbo Interceptor from the before mentioned Mad Max. Along with this was the driving down empty back roads of a land empty of humanity, it’s a feeling of isolation and desolation of civilisation. As for the feeling of Six String Samurai this was more of a feeling I got, a spiritual bonding if you will! I suppose after he is armed with the katana might have given me this feeling as well but no it is more.

Post-apocalypse; perhaps brought on by a zombie outbreak which naturally has the zombies overrun the world or maybe it has something to do with our bad guy; a diabolical plan to destroy all mankind by the use of these zombies I am unsure. But to be honest I don’t need an explanation. I like how the story begins in this world gone sour and the storyline focusses on the now and one man’s quest to rid the world of evil!

Zombies are my pizza of the horror genre, I love them to death! Porto dos Mortos‘ denizens of walking undead look brilliant! Head bowed and shambling about. Disfigured faces; perhaps from what caused the apocalypse in the first place, or maybe from other zombies before they too become one of the horde or even nature herself has done this? Though I loved them all my favourite scene of zombie-ism has this one fat zombie in a bathtub being brought food by another; his look, this serene madness in his face and dribbling. With all these zombies we do not get any scenes of chow down but the this is not a focus of Beyond the Grave but just an aspect of a bigger picture!

beyondtg7Our nemesis is a serial killer who was doing his ghastly deeds before the end of civilisation and uprising of the ghoulish undead. Chased by the unnamed Police Officer and killed, he learns it turns out, he has the ability to shift and take over a new host and make their spirit leave to the afterlife. Perhaps even the spirit of the victim is sucked into hell as there are demonic and satanic undertones with evidence of sacrifice discovered by the officer. We recognise the killer for two reasons. One is a gas mask he wears once the body starts to deteriorate as well as it’s attire; trench coat, cowboy hat and bone side arm. My favourite aspect of this display of possession lies at a moment in the second half of the film. We hear doors slamming and of someone running across an empty hallway with loud echoey steps, for me it was really well done and felt a sort of helplessness, of doom and a sense of loss approaching.

280This supernatural serial killer is not alone! He has along on it’s wanderings and each have their own abilities, especially the guy with this mouth organ which creates pain to the target in their head. I enjoy it when these henchmen are not just henchmen or bodies but are a active part of a whole.

Vigilante cop road movie; this is where my impression of The Road Warrior came in. Of him driving in his car that would have fit in nicely in that film along with the emptiness of humanity in the countryside. One man’s commitment to his duty and what he does to get the job done. He is a loner who on his travels ends up picking up others then falling into a group of survivors against the zombie horde. But in this safety, knows that he must locate and destroy the thing he has been after before the world went to ruin. Even to the voice on the car radio talking away brought memories of Mad Max; talking of being alone and insane than with other six feet under and whatnot.

All of this with a western art house flavour to boot! A lone gunman roaming the no mans land up against a posse of bad guys. Helping out a young couple and meeting up with a group of people in a homestead of sorts. Gunfights; especially the finale give this a western feeling with its form. One man against the odds, the drifter with the steely eye and fast draw!

beyondtg6Beyond The Grave is a beautifully shot film with a great score that does not distract from what is happening on screen. Each scene is interesting to take in and never boring. Along with this the practical effects look great; the zombies, death scenes, all is delivered beautifully. Acting is solid with everyone well cast. I honestly can not point to any one thing and think hey that could have been done better. Mr Pinheiro focusses on what is important. Maybe some may go about hey this could of had some zombie chow down on intestines time but the zombies are only one aspect of the whole story so what is delivered is brilliant!

10250171_10154227954160125_2681416625633722271_nOne police officer’s quest to find and kill a supernatural, demonic being that possesses the body of someone and goes about its diabolic doings. As is the case in these movies other survivors come together, relationships develop and naturally everything draws to a conclusion of kinda good, we all have a darker side, versus demonic evil. Porto dos Mortos is a film that truly drew me in and I came out of it with this wonderful experience. Viewing it twice straight through for the purpose of this review I was never like oh this again or what ever. Well worth checking out which is possible on NetFlix here Hopefully Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro will get this brilliant experience Beyond the Grave a DVD release in the near future! In the mean time please consider showing support by visiting the Porto dos Mortos Face Book page here and giving it a LIKE. If you have experienced Beyond the Grave why not visit our Extreme Horror Cinema thread here and share with us your own person experience?


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