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Survive (2014)

Title: Survive
Director: Liam Makrogiannis with Guest Dir. Andrey Iskanov
Writer(s): Liam Makrogiannis
Cast: Liam Makrogiannis, Johnny Dickie, Stephen Kilcullen, Manoush...
Genre(s): Zombie
Release Date: 2014

1098396_635290279822450_182531804_nLiam Makrogiannis is a part of a new wave of Underground filmmakers in their mid to late teens bringing out some amazing films thus shining a bright light on the future of Underground film making. Films that feature practical gore effects and tributes to the films that created this passion to make films of their own. Liam’s background is acting in his father Evan’s films The Turnpike Killer (2009), The Super (2010) and as writer for his father’s short Devil’s Moon (2012).

Survive (2014) is Liam’s debut film as both writer, director as well along with playing a leading role as Adrian Scott along side friend and special effects/make-up artist Johnny Dickie. Along for this ride into zombie hell is Underground horror icon Manoush; with cameos from the likes of Liam’s father Evan, Loyd Kaufman, Demetri ‘The Super’ Kallas, Josh Lunchmeat and Baron Misuraca who is the star of Liam’s upcoming feature Night of the Magician… which I am an executive producer of….along with others. On top of this we get a guest director in for a scene set in Russia, naturally it is the amazing Andrey Iskanov!

So what do we get with Survive (2014)?

A plot by Russian scientist leads terrorists to unleash a mutant strain of vibrio cholera into the biggest water refinery in New York City. Due to this mutant strain people perish just to return as the flesh eating undead! Survive is about the survival of a group of people held up in an apartment in New York City and the trials they face while trying to not become the next meal of the roaming zombies outside.

904622_592692190748926_263670558_oZombie movies are my passion; I love them to say the least! I have since visiting my first video rental and checking out the horror section and picking up my first VHS…was it the first; a zombie movie I don’t know but I do know I was watching these while my friends checked out Friday the 13th or whatever else was popular with the kids at the time. I can see the same passion here with Liam and Johnny’s enthusiasm within Survive.

So naturally when Evan offered me the screener I pounced on this with bloodlust, I mean with a huge amount of enthusiasm and was not disappointed! Surviving in the big city against the zombie undead is pretty damned gnarly. Along with this seeing the people involved here as well was awesome, so much Underground talent and especially from some of my favorite films.

Being a flesh eating zombie feature there is gore, beautiful gut munching gore and Johnny Dickie excels here with a great job! My only slice of disappointment, there was some CGI splatter effects. But, hey I am sure there was a reason for this. But in the end though all the gore was practically done so that is cool.

1016247_735878436430300_847023943_nAs mentioned before Andrey Iskanov lends his hand with a scene in Survive. Of the Russian scientists creating and experimenting with their insane creation and what happens. Obviously this is brilliant and perfect for the overall effect of the film.

Acting wise though not Oscar nomination efforts I thought it was worthy. Everyone played their parts and another film I have reviewed where we don’t get some character who is fucking annoying. Liam and Johnny obviously had a lot of fun here and as always Manoush and Demetri Kallas are brilliant. Some of the best non zombie scenes were the interaction between these four actors in their roles!

Survive (2014) was worth the wait to finally get to experience! 16 and this is your first feature length directorial debut you are going to have a very promising future in Underground Horror filmmaking! Keep an eye on what Liam Makrogiannis and Johnny Dickie and co create for us…the fans of this genre!

“Dude jackpot!”….”Nice!”

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