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The Fear Revival

Title: The Fear Revival
Director: Marc Jeffrey Schetter
Writer(s): Marc Jeffrey Schetter
Cast: Noelle Taylor, Gina Ferraro, Kyle Hotz, Jake Kopronica, and Patrick Jones
Genre(s): Horror Short Film, Satanic
Release Date: 2016


The Fear Revival

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Two couples are at a cabin in the woods to get away from civilization and their studies for the weekend on the idea of Rachel.

Colin and Liam are outside chatting away when a noise joints them into action and they rush inside. Rachel has collapsed and lies unconscious on the floor. She is heating up. Liam and Christine offer to go to a Rangers Cabin they spotted to get help. With no mobile phone coverage it is their only chance to get medical assistance. 

Upon them leaving an hour later Rachel awakens. Colin finds a hand held radio and tries to use it. Suddenly Rachel foams at the mouth and passes out.

Helpers run into problems of their own, smallest is the car breaks down and the worst is the person they bump into isn’t there to help them. For he is the High Priest for a Satanic cult and it is no coincidence he knows Christine’s name! 

She is there as a vehicle to hold within Satan for the war to come!


Filmmaker Marc Jeffrey

Filmmaker Marc Jeffrey

The Fear Revival is the debut short film experience from writer and director, filmmaker Marc Jeffrey Schetter and his Marc Jeffrey Films.

Prior to taking the jump and creating his own horror experience Marc acted in The Funhouse Massacre (2015) as the Fake Dr. Suave.

The Fear Revival is a Satanic horror short film experience with practical effects.

Four friends visit a secluded cabin unknowing being led there for diabolic reasons. They have been drawn into the web of a satanic sect. The sects aim… raise up Satan to posses one of the victims for an upcoming final war coming / end of days scenario.

The Fear Revival (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaOne of the girls collapses then the story starts from there to it’s diabolic conclusion.

Marc is generous enough to share his debut on his Vimeo account to the public for free. You can check it out on The Fear Revival Face Book page, link in the top poster.

The Fear Revival is a very well constructed. Nicely shot with some great looking practical effects from special effects technician Ron George. sounds a long with a shot of one of the guys dead with his intestines hanging out. It all looks great! Story goes from one aspect to another without any waste of momentum.

The Fear Revival (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaFelt the High Priest was intimidating. He has a strong presence with his build, wearing the monks rob and how he speaks. Naturally his actions of killing the boyfriend and dragging off Christie to throw her in a small wire cage speaks volumes as well!

My only real issue was just with what came out of Christie’s mouth. But then probably this was the aim all of the time. To create a character that you would like to see something bad happen to! Would loved to have seen the High Priest do what he said he would like to do with her! With Ron George know how I am sure would would have gotten something nice and gory!

The Fear Revival (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaThe Fear Revival is a short film experience at 00:14: 47 minutes that is worth checking out. From my own experience felt that if in the near future we got a feature length version, or at the least a feature length sequel of sorts, I would not be surprised. Story could easily be meated out, more victims could be slaughtered and naturally we could get the ending with the final possession’s after effects on show. For a debut Marc showed a lot of skill in writing and directing!



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