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I Love MacKenzie Reynolds

Title: I Love MacKenzie Reynolds
Director: Brandon Prewitt
Writer(s): V.A. Bennett
Cast: Chelsea Skalski, V.A. Bennett, Taylor Wilson,
Genre(s): Psycho Thriller
Release Date: 2017

Brandon PrewittV.A. BennettRoman Jossart and their team that fall under the banner of Studio 605 surprise us with this sneak 00:13:38 minute short film.

On friendship, secret love and how it all becomes sour over time. Of a man time and time again being their for his friend who for whatever reason never tells her his true feelings. Time and time again he is their when she breaks up with what he sees as tropic boyfriends.

But this time everything doesn’t go the same way.

The Man sees  MacKenzie‘s latest boyfriend Chuck as another deadbeat loser jock. But over time unbeknownst to him their relationship builds to the moment he proposes. She says yes and wants The Man to be her maid of honour. Something snaps in him and he decides on a course of action that won’t bode well for any of them.

I Love Mackenzie Reynolds is played through The Man describing his relationship with her. As a friend but secretly in love with her. Being there time and time again but always keeping his feelings within. Then when he suddenly realises it is too late snaps.

Prewitt, Bennett and Jossart and company bring something different to the table for Studio 605 this time around. No slasher we get an experience in psycho-logical experience through the eyes of a man crashing under the weight of a long held secret. Of him telling this tale of a relationship that spins out of control for him to the point he feels he has lost. Then for me out of selfishness he takes actions that he thinks will teach his secret love a lesson.

No gore at all this is all about the psyche! Well written, shot and acted it pulled me in till the end.


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