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Blaze of Gory

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Bonehill Road

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Wretched Cunt


Frank Edge Jr

Title: Frank Edge Jr
Director: Phil Stevens
Writer(s): Phil Stevens
Cast: Keith Miller, Beth Shuster, Tommy Stevens, Shannon Fox, Alison Horn, Allie Peden, Cameron Twomey...
Genre(s): Snuff,
Release Date: 2009 / 2016


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror Cinema


Frank Edge Jr  – “…he loves drugs, snuff films and violence!…”


Down and out. Fired from his job, his car finally dies and living in a slum. Phone rings and he smashes it instead of dealing with who was on the other side. Dealing with the mental pain the only way…


…drugs, snuff films and self harm. Sweet feel of the blood flowing on skin, the familiar sting of the blade as it slices.


His ex arrives, pregnant. Quite possibly the caller. Fragmented he still tries to do the normal stuff to create more of a home for the upcoming birth of his child. 


But the bleakness has built to a crescendo and quite possibly it is too late! Fixation with snuff and killing the pain of existence has taken over….


Frank Edge Jr (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


Phil Stevens, man of many talents

Phil Stevens, man of many talents

Frank Edge Jr a part of the growth from the filmmaker who brought us the awesome Flowers in 2015 along with this years Lung II. Lung II is extra special to us here at Extreme Horror Cinema and especially this writer. Anyone with a copy will see we Present… this awesome film. Also I play a small role as The Psychologist. Alas if anyone ever wondered why I never reviewed Lung II now you know and I am sure you can understand.


Frank Edge Jr goes back to Exploding Gas Can Productions days along with Phil Stevens debut, Below Man (2008). Finally this year Phil is presenting us with the films that are part of growth of who he is today as a filmmaker.


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extree Horror CinemaFrank Edge Jr is a film of few words. Deeds and the world around Frank tell the story. Words do come to bridge certain aspects of the story telling. Keith Miller as Frank Edge expresses his existence through his eyes. Normal life is gone and when small aspects appear he makes appearances but you can see and feel it’s just a touch bit late.


Through the film I got the faint aroma of 1984’s Combat Shock. Also I could just imagine turning a corner of a street and running into some character from a James Bell short. Frank Edge Jr is a filthy, dirty experience in a reality that isn’t very pretty!


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror CinemaLife is just a rotation of drugs and video tapes of snuff footage. Films from Japan along with elsewhere. But also footage that is home grown. Deeper we go into the warped world of Frank the more he obsesses in his mind his deepest, darkest desires. His mind’s eyes shows footage of his darkest fantasy. Of forest, a woman, the chase and the finale that triggers the dark urges out.


But as the tagline states “I think I made a mistake” and reality crashes in.


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror CinemaFrank Edge Jr is a dark and gritty tale of a man travelling on the razors edge figuratively and literally.


Frank Edge Jr also in the end is NOT the main character to this reviewer but his child. Trigger to bring to a close the downwards spiral of his father. In the darkest fashion possible. At the least that is the thought that came to me while I contemplated the film afterwards.


1Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror CinemaPhil Stevens is a guy who can bring a lot together with the least. Seeing the strengths of what he has and using it. Understanding that less talk and more action can carry a story effectively.  People convey their existence through action and some short bursts of communication. No one here is close so naturally there isn’t great amounts of interpersonal verbal communication. There is no love to be conveyed just base survival in a downtrodden existence. Frank Edge Jr is a dark fantasy that leads us down one man’s path to a personal hell and a final realisation. All is lost!


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror CinemaFrank Edge Jr is an experience. Both in the watching on its own deepest, darkest merits. But also to experience the journey of the filmmaker Phil Stevens from his earliest years of feature filmmaking.  Phil shows a certain flavour he has evolved with while growing as a filmmaker of many talents. A purveyor of both style and substance! For myself each film I have experienced has made me sit back afterwards and contemplate…Frank Edge Jr is no different!


Frank Edge Jr (2009) Extreme Horror Cinema

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Frank Edge Jr (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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