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Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute Demonatrix

Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute Demonatrix



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Flesh of the Void (2017)

Flesh of the Void is directed by James Quinn and is to be released by Black Lava Entertainment hopefully sometime this year.

The film was split into Act I, II, and III, with a prologue, interlude and epilogue. Loved how it was done all around. The scenes included a lot of disturbing elements, including murder and rape. Even though the different acts all had a theme that depicted very different actions, it still flowed seamlessly. Definitely due to the style of shooting and editing. The voice over in the beginning is perfect, the voice and words set the tone for the rest of the film.

There was no dialogue and honestly no way of knowing if some of the figures were played by the same people, but some special mentions would have to go to the topless woman holding the scythe, and the mummified man about halfway through the film, spotted again when a young girl was convulsing on the floor. The masks were amazing, especially the little girl with the twisted arms and the mini mask on her actual mask. I have a weakness for gas masks as well, so loved that.

There were many different scenes each with their own unique disturbing elements. Towards the beginning there was a scene with a young boys audio, pleading and crying. They even had a “vomit gore” scene that I enjoyed a lot. I love vomit gore outside of Lucifer Valentine’s obvious trilogy. Multiple scenes of masturbation, multiple scenes of graphic male nudity. There was even a scene of a nun masturbating with a cross, but it was more erotic than the Exorcist (1973) considering the woman wasn’t a 12 year old girl. There was also a scene towards the end where a guy is getting stabbed and includes a sick stab up his throat with blood seeping into the bag covering his face.

Everything about the visuals screams Begotten (1990), but as you watch you’ll notice this film carries a completely different vibe to it. Even though the visuals are similar, the film as a whole is way more captivating in my opinion. You really don’t want to be distracted or miss a second of it. Would definitely watch again, recommend, and support as much as I can when it’s released.

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