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Celebrating ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ with Stephen Nemeth

Celebrating ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ with Stephen Nemeth


Interview with Dakota Bailey

Five Questions with Dakota Bailey (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

Filmmaker Dakota Bailey is the founder and owner of Underground production company R.A Productions. Based out of Denver Dakota formed his filmmaking vehicle back in 2012.  R.A Productions has a number of short films under it’s mane. Scumbags: A Day in the Life of a Drug Dealer, Satan’s Coming for You  and My Master Satan which were all shot in 2015. 2016 marked Dakota Bailey’s debut feature anthology My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence which I reviewed for EHC Reviews & Interviews.

Q. What fuels the fire of your desire to create?


Dakota Bailey

Dakota Bailey

I’ve always had a desire to go out & create & create films since I was a child with a beat up camcorder making movies in the sandbox. So as I got older that desire never died & I have now two short films & a full length feature & I am in the preliminary stages of it & I already have more movie ideas for when that film is done.


Q. Apart from filmmaking do you have other creative outlets?


I have no other creative outlets, so filmmaking is essentially it. I probably should find another way to channel my artistic expression but I’m very busy with my life & the movies I make. I am a huge music fan though but I don’t see myself making music or being in a band-I just get immense enjoyment out of it from the standpoint of a listener.


Q. If I state the unholy trinity of heavy metal, horror and beer what would you state really needs to be experienced?


Interview with Dakota Bailey (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema


For metal, I’d say Black Sabbath, Slayer & Celtic Frost (or maybe Venom, Judas Priest, or Hellhammer or Iron Maiden) I’m not sure, it’s hard to narrow it down to 3. But I would say if someone wants to experience heavy metal, at least check out those bands I mentioned. I kind of think that kids getting into heavier music don’t know what real heavy metal is-it’s kind of hard to articulate what I’m trying to say so I will simplify it: It’s a problem when kids think they are metal & don’t know what Angel of Death by Slayer is.

Dakota's Room

Dakota’s Room

For beer, I would say Becks, & Chiney Ale & maybe Heineken but Becks is better then Heineken so you may say that I only have an unholy trinity of 2 beers because (for me at least) I only drink Heiniken if all the Becks is gone. I just pretty much stick with Becks. But beer essentially comes down to personal taste, so someone could say the beers I mentioned taste like shit & go with a lighter beer.

For horror I would say Lucio Fulci (his gore & zombies are the best, so obviously Zombie 2, & the Beyond. I would say The Exorcist. That film is still scary after all these years-it’s just timeless & unmatched after all these years. And the Nekromantik films because they are the quintessential extreme/underground horror films. But once again it’s too hard to narrow it down to 3 without leaving out a lot of other influential horror films that were essential when it comes to the shaping of the horror genre & what it is today.


Millo (he's 9)

Millo (he’s 9)

Q. For My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence amongst other nasty goodies your character Alister is depicted in the act of animal cruelty. With the way it was edited and presented it even had me questioning if it was really happening. With all the shows your film has been in what interesting reactions and experiences have you had?


Yeah the scenes are fake but they look pretty realistic. Back in April 2015, we made Satan’s Coming for You & the. We released it online for people to see-& Satan’s coming for you has the dog in the bag

scene. So a prominent horror film site shared the short film on their facebook page & there was this guy who got really offended by it & started writing comments like “fuck this movie” & then he told Matt that he was gonna “get him”. But nothing ever came about it.

Then later When we went to some open screen nights in Denver to play a 15 minute preview of MMS, the audience gasped at the cat in the box scene. But actually, no body tried to attack us or anything. So the guy writing the angry comments online is pretty muc all that has happened.

 Junior, he's blind & diabetic about 10 years old

Junior, he’s blind & diabetic about 10 years old

So out if all the shows or screenings we’ve done, nobody has ever tried to attack us or anything.


Q. Were they your dogs and cat?


Yes, all the animals in my films our my pets. I currently have 4 dogs, 1 cat & 2 chickens


Q. Your next feature is to be shot on HD. Will you return to video?


Yes, it will. It’s kind of refreshing to use the HD camera now after using the VHS for so long but I will probably get tired of it after a while too so probably yes.


Q. Are there any elements or subgenera you would love to work with in a future production?


Bandit he's 6, he had a haircut though when he was in our movie but it's all grown back.

Bandit he’s 6, he had a haircut though when he was in our movie but it’s all grown back.

No, I’m pretty comfortable with the horror/true crime type of film, because I feel I can pull it off pretty well & realistically.


Q. Anyone you would kill to work with in a future production of yours? Maybe even someone you would like to be in their film even?


I can think of anybody off the top of my head. I kind of prefer to work with friends or “real people” because it keeps a sense of realism. But if I was offered a chance to work with someone respectable then I probably would do it. I can’t really think of anyone whose movie I would want to be in, but if I was offered a chance by someone respectable, then I would probably take it. Until then, I will just keep doing my own thing.

I would like to expand on the question of if I had elements that I would like to incorporate into my future films.

On set of MMS, October 2015, this pic was taken actually when we filmed the scene of Charlie & Dealin' Dick fought for the sex doll.

On set of MMS, October 2015, this pic was taken actually when we filmed the scene of Charlie & Dealin’ Dick fought for the sex doll.

As a filmmaker and/or artist, I am more interested in human monsters & that is the type of films that I enjoy making. for 2017, I have a goal of making & releasing 2 films. One will be a crime film, & the other is going to be a pure underground horror film that is styistically similar to My Master Satan, but it will be its own entity. As a filmmaker & artist I feel that I have done all I can with the Alister & Bubba characters & My Master Satan in general, & there will Not be any sequels to it or spinoffs.


….and lastly….


Q. If you saw the dead rotten corpse of a woman what would you do with it?


Nothing, just leave it where it is & let it rot & call the authorities.


My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence (2016) Extreme Horror CinemaYou can support Denver underground filmmaking at R.A Productions below ~

Dakota Bailey- R.A Productions https://dakotabaileydirectorfilmmaker.wordpress.com/blog/

Dakota Bailey- R.A Productions Face Book  https://www.facebook.com/dakotabaileyactordirector/

My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence https://www.facebook.com/mymastersatan/

My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence http://www.storenvy.com/products/17146539-my-master-satan-3-tales-of-drug-fueled-violence-dvd


My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence (2016) Extreme Horror Cinema

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